Happy Birthday! Girl, Wash Your Face

Happy Birthday! Girl, Wash Your Face

6th Feb 2019

Today is a special day for Rachel Hollis and I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE!!! 

When you are a fan you have to have to show your support! If you live under a rock and haven’t heard of this book or this wonderful little firecracker @msrachelhollis (on instagram) here is your chance ladies!!! My sweet cousin @mixandmatchmama told me to read this book 4 months ago and oh my gosh girls... it was LIFE CHANGING! I now watch Rachel's Morning Show on Instagram every M-F 8am cst and listen to ALL OF HER PODCAST...  and because of all this I now wake up at 5am, workout daily, drink plenty of water... I am encouraged daily by Rachel, I even joined her LIFE & BUSINESS Coaching Classes- Oh yes and you have to know I am going to the RISE EVENT in Dallas too! I know your wondering where do I get this book and what is it about!? Here is a link!  If you are looking for something or someone to open your eyes about life... and that you are made for more here is your chance... you can be a difference in this world!

-Stop believing the lies about who you are... So you can become who you were meant to be!

- Rachel Hollis

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